Polly (Bristol Old Vic, Greenwich Theatre, 2020)
(Composer & Musical Director)

Kirk vs Ming (Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol, 2019)
(Composer & Songwriter)

Xalapa, un museo para el futuro / Xalapa, a museum for the future (La Caja Theatre, Xalapa, Mexico, 2019)
(Songwriter & Co-director)

They! (Theatre Royal, Plymouth, 2018)
(Musical Director)

Reservoir Mogs (Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol, 2017)
(Composer, Musical Director & Sound Designer)

The North! The North! (UK Tour, 2017-18)
(Composer & Sound Designer)

Tales in the Attic (Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol, 2017)
(Live Musician, Composer & Sound Designer)

Invincible (Site-Specific, Bristol 2017-18)
(Composer & Sound Designer)

Thankyou for the Tragedy (Old Vic Theatre, Bristol, 2017)
(Co-writer, Composer, Live Musician)

The Land of the Three Towers (London, 2016-17)
(Composer, Musical Director)

Yerma (Parallel Production) (Young Vic Theatre, London, 2016)
(Musical Director, Composer & Sound Designer)

There Shall Be Fireworks (UK Tour, 2016-17)
(Sound Designer, Co-Composer with Jennifer Bell)

A Tale of Two Cities (Darlington Civic Theatre, Darlington 2016)
(Composer & Sound Designer)

Northanger Abbey (Wickham Theatre, Bristol 2016)
(Composer & Musical Director)

St Joan of the Stockyards (Old Vic Theatre, Bristol 2016)
(Musical Director, Composer & Sound Designer)

Goldilock, Stock & Three Smoking Bears (UK Tour, 2016-17)
(Composer & Sound Designer)

Islanders (Theatre West, Bristol 2015)
(Composer & Sound Designer)

The Point of No Return (New Diorama Theatre, London; Folkteatern, Gothenburg, 2015)
(Composer, Sound Designer, Musical Director & Live Musician)

Ghost Opera (Aix-En-Provence Festival, France; Frinje Madrid, Spain; UK Tour, 2015)
(Co-writer, Sound Designer, Co-Composer with Josephine Stephenson)

Do We Do The Right Thing? (UK & Germany Tour, 2014)
(Sound Designer & Composer)

Current Location (Edinburgh Summerhall; Frinje Madrid, Spain, 2014)
(Composer & Musical Director)
Nominated: Musical Theatre Network Award, Edinburgh Sustainable Theatre Award

Shoot I didn’t mean that (Tristam Bates Theatre, London, 2014)
(Composer & Sound Designer)

The Last Days of Mankind: The Last Night (Tristam Bates Theatre, London, 2014)
(Composer & Sound Designer)

Spokesong (Finborough Theatre, London, 2014)
(Composer, Sound Designer & Musical Director)

A Tale of Two Cities (Tampa, Florida 2014)

Ablutions (UK Tour 2013-15)
(Composer, Musical Director, Live Musician, Co-writer)
Winner: Exeter Ignite Wildfire Award
Nominated: Musical Theatre Network Award, Peter Brooke Award
Script published by Oberon Books

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs (UK Tour 2013-17)
Nominated: Brighton-Fringe Award

The Last Post (UK Tour 2013-16)
(Live Musician)

Eliza & The Wild Swans (Bikeshed Theatre, Exeter, 2013-14)
(Actor, Live Musician)

Story-Spinners (London, 2013-16)
(Composer, Live Musician)

Like Enemies of the State (Stockholm Fringe, Stockholm; New Diorama Theatre, London, 2013)
(Composer & Sound Designer)

The Taming of the Shrew (Rose Theatre, London, 2013)
(Composer & Sound Designer)

Encounter (Theatre503, London, 2013)

5 Days in March (Allpress Cafe, London 2012)
(Sound Designer, Co-Composer with Hideki Sakomisu)

Chasing Beckett (London Theatre, London 2012)
(Composer & Sound Designer)

Touched… Like a Virgin (Soho Theatre, London 2012; Le Monde, Edinburgh 2013)
(Musical Director, Arranger & Live Musician)

Belleville Rendez-vous (UK & Ireland Tour 2011-2012)
(Co-Composer with Tegid Cartwright, Live Musician)
Winner of the Ideastap, Methuen Drama and NSDF Emerging Artist Award, Edinburgh 2011, with Judges’ Commendation for Music.

Colour Me Happy (Zoo Theatre, Edinburgh 2011)

Northern Star (Finborough Theatre, London 2011)
(Co-Composer with Tegid Cartwright)

Tales of the Afterlives (Claysmore School, Dorset 2011)
(Co-Composer with Will Kerr)

The Wind in the Willows (Theatre503, London 2010)
(Musical Director, Composer & Live Musician)

By the Bog of Cats (NSDF 2010)
(Musical Director, Composer & Live Musician)

Winner: Cameron Mackintosh Award for Music in Theatre, NSDF Festgoers Award
No Wonder (Library Theatre, Manchester 2010)
(Composer)Elephant’s Graveyard (NSDF 2009)
(Co-composer with Tanya Wells, Live Musician, Assistant Director)
Commendation: NSDF Judges’ Commendation for Music.Touched (North Wall Theatre, Oxford; Latitude Festival 2009)
(Co-composer with Adam Alston, Live Musician)

Much Ado About Nothing (Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, 2009)
(Musical Director, Composer & Live Musician)

Hal V (Dell Theatre, Stratford, 2009)
(Musical Director, Composer & Live Musician)

Nick (Warwick Arts Centre, 2009)
(Arranger & Live Musician)

Daisycutter (Warwick Arts Centre, 2009)
(Musical Director)

The Fever Chart (Edinburgh Fringe, 2009)
(Actor, Live Musician, Musical Director)

The Tempest (Warwick Arts Centre, 2007)
(Live Musician)